S.O.A.P. Matthew 3:10

S – “The ax is already at the foot of the trees, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.”

O – If we are truly Christians, we will bear fruit. God has no use for those who claim they know Him but do not obey Him or repent. To be productive for God we must obey His teachings, resist temptation, actively serve and help others, and share our faith.

*3 Circles Gospel Presentation*

A – My word for this year is to Grow! I can commit to continuing to grow in my knowledge and wisdom of the Lord by spending quiet times with Him daily. I can listen to Him speaking to me through the Holy Spirit and I will obey Him, resist temptation, serve and help others, and most importantly, share my faith.

P – Dear God, I pray that you continue to grow inside me. I confess that I have areas for growth in my spirit, such as bitterness, judgement, and comparison. I thank you God that you have begun to heal me and reveal these areas to me. I ask that you continue to help me through the wall to complete surrender to you. Thank you Jesus. Amen.