S.O.A.P. Matthew 15:21-28

S – the Faith of a Canaanite Woman

O – The Disciples asked Jesus to get rid of the Canaanite woman because she was bothering them with her persistent begging. They showed no compassion or sensitivity to her needs. It is possible, as Christians, to become so occupied with spiritual matters that we become oblivious to the needs around us. This may be especially true if we are prejudiced against needy people. Instead of being annoyed, be aware of the opportunities that surround you, and make an effort to look for ways to minister to others.

A – Jesus was on mission to spread the message of salvation to the gentiles and the least of these. Salvation was not just for the Jews as many assumed. His message and freedom from sin is available to everyone. As His disciples, we are to seek out and look for opportunities to minister to others, especially those we may be prejudiced against, or those who are not like us.

P – Dear Lord, open my eyes and heart to see the ministry opportunities you put before me. Let me be so in tune with your Holy Spirit that I never miss an opportunity to love and serve others, especially the least of these. Give me a heart like yours and empower me to do your will here on Earth. Thank you Jesus, Amen.