I’m not taking “their” word for it

We live in a day where information is readily available to us. So much so that we usually just assume the “professionals” know their stuff so we just take their word for it instead of researching or studying for ourselves. What exactly am I talking about here, you may be asking? I’m talking about EVERYTHING!!

Today I am going to discuss a few questions that have been on my heart and in my mind since my last post in February 2017. Yep, it's been an entire year!! When I first started this blog, I promised myself, I would never post anything I did not feel 100% peace from the Lord to share. Over the last year, I have had seasons of growth as well as dry seasons, but have not felt complete peace about anything specific to share, until now. Thank you for your patience and following Mom Matters Most blog!

Question #1: Who is Jesus?

For the longest time, I would find out about who Jesus is through others. Pastors, friends, mentors, etc. would tell me all about the amazingness of Jesus. I loved hearing about Him through others stories of Him. I believed in Him and I knew He died for me but did I have a personal relationship with Him? Sure, I would read my bible occasionally, I would pray daily, checking off my Christian check-list, but did I truly know him for myself or was I taking “their word for it?” Was I getting to know Jesus and pursuing oneness with Him or was I living my relationship with Him vicariously through “their” relationship with Him?

This year, I decided I wanted to know him for myself. I didn’t want others telling me about who He was to them without being able to tell them who He is to me. I began to pursue Jesus like I never had before. How? By spending time daily in His word and quieting my mind before Him. Am I perfect at this? Nope. Do I do this EVERY. SINGLE. DAY? Unfortunately No. BUT my heart is always centered on Him. I spend more quality time with Him through prayer and study of His word than I ever have in my life. I can feel Him nearer to me than ever. I have received the gift of discernment and truly feel the Lord’s peace guiding me in decision-making processes. By spending intimate time with Jesus we are allowing ourselves the opportunity to receive the spiritual gifts He so desperately wants to bless us with. God wants to bless you so he can bless others through you.

Questions #2: How does God call us to treat our bodies through Health and Nutrition?

Another area I was using the research and study of others to guide me was in health and nutrition. Don’t get me wrong, it is great to seek the knowledge and advice from others when we are learning new information BUT it is important to do our own research and find out answers for ourselves as well. What we may feel is healthy for our family, isn't always what's best for another, and vice versa. With so much contradicting information out there, it can be hard to know the true facts. I personally, want to respect and treat my body as the temple God created it to be. I don't believe this comes from fad diets or diets completely restricting a necessary food group. I believe it comes from balancing the foods God first created. In my efforts to learn more about how God calls us to eat I took an online course from, a Christian school, New Eden School of Natural Health and Herbal Studies. I loved this course and what it revealed to me about the order of creation as it is written in the first book of the Bible, Genesis.

"The Creator of life should not only be reverenced and worshipped but also be listened to when it comes to health and nutrition. The Bible holds the keys to health and longevity. Every word of God has knowledge, wisdom, power, and direction. As we begin to explore the first chapter of Genesis we will see God’s plan for health and nutrition for our lives. We will see the divine order of eating. We will understand what nourishment takes priority over others. As we understand and implement God’s truth concerning our physical body and it’s natural and dietary needs, we will experience new physical vitality and strength. This vitality and strength are needed if we are to be all that God has intended us to be. We need strength to carry out our purpose on the earth.(New Eden Natural Health and Nutrition Course)."

Stay tuned for next weeks blog post explaining God's Purposeful Order of Creation and how we can take steps to treat our bodies as His Temples made for His Glory!

Challenge: Take the Spiritual Gifts test (link below) and focus on developing your top 3 gifts by spending time alone with God.