One word...WAIT

Being “in the wait” is a hard place to be. It wasn’t where I expected to find myself in 2014, after receiving a vision from the Lord (read blog post 1 “Mom Matters Most” for background story). As a wife and mom, I knew I had purposes that were important. Although at times I questioned if I truly felt fulfilled as a stay at home mom, I felt confident that was where God needed me to be. Then, God reminded me that He had bigger plans for me than I had for myself. Seemingly impossible to do on my own, I had to completely trust him with these plans. At first, I tried to make things happen on my own. He had given me the green light, right? Once my efforts were clearly not getting me the results I expected and beyond frustrated, I felt the Lord speak to me to WAIT. One word … WAIT. He needed time to mold and shape me into the person He was and still is calling me to be. His plans and purposes for me were not going to disappear or be revoked. To hurry them along would only rid them of their full potential.

So there I was, “in the wait” - the in between. It wasn’t long after I committed to waiting that I received an incredible opportunity to lead up the Children’s Ministry at our church, Shoreline Dallas ( My husband and I had been leaders at the church when there were only 17 members meeting in a living room; however, I did not have any real pastoral experience. I felt honored to be considered for this position. Although part of me felt inadequate and unworthy the other part felt complete peace and saw this as part of His bigger plan for me. This was an unbelievable stepping stone the Lord put in my path, to mature, and form me further for HIS calling. During this season, I received valuable knowledge on leadership and relationships. I saw that this world is full of people with God-given talents, strengths, and gifts and we are meant to encourage each other to identify and utilize these gifts. So often, as moms, we try to control and do everything ourselves. While leading this ministry, I began to rely on the strengths and gifts of those around me. For example, I do not have a creative bone in my body. I just do not have that gifting. Still, it is necessary in children’s ministry to have a creative minded person who can develop craft ideas and curriculum, among other things. Our Children’s ministry team NEEDED Mariela. My dear friend and incredible leader (she now leads up the Childrens’ Ministry ) who has a passion for creativity and excels in this area. We had so many other leaders, like Mariela, with different gifts that needed to be used in order for this ministry to flourish. We were better together. Our teams and our ministries were better together. If I tried to control this ministry, in my own strength, I would have done a disservice to so many including the precious children entrusted to us. Learning to lean on others, and their gifts, while developing and discovering my own was so powerful! God was molding and shaping myself and my team members to further His purposes in our lives. It was beautiful to watch it unfold.

Here I leave you… If you are in the wait, don’t rush. God can and will use you as He shapes you into what He needs you to be for His glory. If you feel as though you have no purpose - PRAY. Pray that God provides you with a vision for your future. Pray that He brings others alongside you to breathe life into your visions. Even though it may take some time to get there, you will wake up every day confident in whom God is calling you to be. Pray that he directs your path and leads you to discover that purpose.

Take Action:

First, I would like to challenge you to LET GO of something. Is there something you are trying to control in your strength that you know is better suited for someone else and their gifts? Could you relieve yourself of this pressure, be it at work with a coworker or at home with your spouse, allowing them the opportunity to recognize and exercise their gifting?

Secondly, I would like to challenge you to begin the process of pursuing your purpose. Take a moment and write down the dreams you hear His Spirit whispering to you. Then write down a name or two of a trusted friend or mentor whom you can share these dreams. Give them permission to hold you accountable and to encourage you in them. Remember, we are better TOGETHER!


Kaylee Gutierrez