Before we dive in, I would like to share a little bit about the S.O.A.P. method. Each section of this journal includes multiple passages of scriptures. You then get to choose which one(s) to focus on each day, using the S.O.A.P. method to deepen both your understanding of the text and relationship with God.

S (Scripture) -– Select the scripture or passage you’d like to dig into. This portion will be the scripture or passage you choose to focus on for that day. 


O (Observation) - Take the opportunity to observe what is taking place in the particular scriptures you’ve read. I often use my Study Bible and other resources to understand the historical context.


A (Application) - This process allows for time to reflect on ways in which you can apply the scriptures to your personal life.


P (Prayer) -– Last, but certainly not least, this is a time for praying over the revelations God has given you through this dedicated quiet time with Him.


My hope is that you use the scripture references in this journal as an opportunity to deepen your personal relationship with Jesus. I encourage you to open up your Bible, read the passages of scripture referenced for each topic, and ask God to give you an area of focus to inspire your S.O.A.P. journal!

About Emily's Place

The mission of Emily's Place is to break the cycle of domestic violence for women and their children through long-term transformational care that seeks to restore faith, hope and health. Emily's Place provides a unique supportive community of care for up to 24 months in which women and their children have the time and supports that they need to attain housing and financial stability. It is the bridge between emergency housing/homelessness to independence and adversity to opportunity.

Emily’s Place fulfills its mission by equipping, empowering and resourcing victims of domestic violence. While every client’s plan is personalized to their circumstances and needs, programs and services at Emily’s Place address the need for trauma-informed counseling, case management, transportation, childcare, advocacy, and financial and workforce education for victims of domestic violence.